21 Jul 2022

Hair Look Change in 2022

From a subtle switch to drastic change, never rule out trying something fresh and new. A different hair looks from what you have stuck with for years can spice you up. What served you well for years may now reflect the lack of uniform, especially when ditching or entering the office, going for a ballroom or up for an occasion! So, if fed up with your hair and looking for a hair change that will cheer you up, you can opt for chopping in some curvy layers into your long locks and giving yourself a 90s blowout or be inspired to chop it all off or do something in between. The following are some easy tips to change your hair look and look fabulous:  


For a change, you can chop your hair short and make it resemble something you’d see on the red carpet. In taking the plunge and cutting your hair short, you may be sorry for those strands that went on dangling by your side. No worries, a good chop has its advantages and these are:

·         It helps revive tired ends.

·         It changes your look and can make you feel brand new again. 

·         It breathes fresh life into more than your hair. It’s like a therapy session. Good for the soul, not just your strands!

·         A short cut is a quick and easy way to change your hair because it doesn’t require too much thought process with what layers to go for and what color might be best. 

·         It’s also a style that you can pretty much predict in advance whether it will suit you or not. 

·         You can do it plain and simple and it will be transformed to something you’d see on the red carpet.

·         You can use a cocktail of premium products to help with the styling. 

·         From the Sugar Texturizing Spray that will add gentle beach waves, to the Blow Dry Lotion that will help shape your hair however you want it! 


Want to have a hair look like that of Rachel Greene, say medium and long layers throughout the hair with shorter face framing pieces at the front? With such a style there are always advantages and these are:

·         You can look the most gorgeous with these 90s fluffy layered hairstyles!

·         A cut like this won’t take too long if you’re keeping your length, and can be easily styled once you leave the hair stylist. 

·         Styling these long bangs is but getting the perfect blow out.

·         This style is all about the volume, and this can easily be achieved with volumizing it up with a volume collection. 

·         Once you’ve shampooed and conditioned, using a styling foam is going to help lift your roots as you dry your hair.

·         Maintain the blowout and keep your hair looking fresh for days.

·         Dah-ling, everyone will be envious of your stylish locks.


If you’re getting over the dreaded ex and not interested in going short and daring and long and luscious, what about keeping it in the middle? With this not-so-short but not-so-long, medium length cut there is also advantages and these are:

·         This is perfect for all you lovely people with finer hair.

·         A fresh cut will help make those ends look thicker, and adding in some shaggy/wispy short layers will give your locks plenty of oomph and volume.

·         Wispy curtain bangs and layers are easy and flattering. 

·         Also having the perfect product that will pair nicely like a super comb prep and protect will help with your tangle terrors, so you won’t need to worry about hair breakage, and will also help protect your hair.

·         What’s even better is that this perfect product can be used on damp or dry locks, meaning wherever you are, whether it needs washing or not, you can create a sexy look for your shaggy strands. Simply spray evenly onto your head and style as desired. It’s as quick and easy as that!

Another good way to start the year is by practicing self-care and looking after your scalp and showing it some love with these easy tips. We’re still at the beginning of 2022 dah-ling, and there’s no better way to start fresh than trying something new with your hair.

Hope left feeling inspired to try out something new!

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